The Covid 19 pandemic has ravaged the Airline industry, dramatically reducing ticket and new aircraft sales. To compound the pain, the number of litigation claims against them for Aerotoxic Syndrome has increased even further, and to add to its woes the Specialist Class Action legal firms on both sides of the Atlantic are circling. These are the same teams that took on ‘Big Tobacco’ in the 90’s resulting in the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement

Following a collective case management hearing before Judge Barbara Fontaine, regarding ‘Aerotoxicity Claims’ in 2018, it was agreed to transfer a ‘significant’ number of litigated industrial disease cases to the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ) in London, ‘achieving greater certainty of outcome and an overall reduction in costs’. It also allows the RCJ to manage cases that have not yet been issued or served (‘intimated’ and ‘future’ claims).


This decision has seen a proliferation of individual claims brought by employees or ex-employees of Airlines globally, and the now ‘Open Door Policy’ for claims via the Class Action Specialists.

The result for VN Aerotoxic Detection Solutions is an increasing market opportunity, with the need for ‘real-time’ onboard portable detection of TCP (tricresyl phosphate), and TBP (tributyl phosphate) becoming a necessity for aircraft operators and manufacturers in the face of legislation, which will inevitably follow the successful prosecution of employee claims.

To maximise the opportunity the Directors will seek VC funding both in Europe and the US to accelerate sensor testing, certification, design, manufacturing and distribution.

The low valuation of VN-ADS, the advanced stage of sensor development and the enormous market opportunity make the company an extremely attractive target, and the Directors believe this will provide the opportunity for you, the VN-ADS SEIS and EIS investors to exit with multiple returns on your investment.

There is still £145K of HMRC Advanced Assured EIS equity available at the £20 per share price, and current valuation. Don’t delay, as now is the ideal time for you to invest/reinvest, prior to a potentially significant investment from a VC, delivering you, our SEIS and EIS Investors the multiple return on your investment. Shares will issued be on a first come – first served basis with no maximums per individual.